About Us



Our committee is made up of passionate Australian farmers.

We are passionate about the future of Australian agriculture which must have long term principals, steeped in tried and proven techniques.

All regenerative farmers have stories to tell, where most of us came from farming backgrounds that received advice from the Agriculture Department which was chemically dominated.

We are also passionate about our Water Cycle, Soils, healthy Vegetation, and growing nutritious food for our Country. 

We are passionate about providing solutions to our farming landscapes and climate, which will have long lasting benefits to our country and farmers.

We are very concerned that Australia heads in this direction so that our Water Cycle is repaired.  

One of our members has just completed a masters in Farmers Health, where she and her husband own 2,000 acres in Kempsey, so we look forward to Jess posting her information.  Our other members from New South Wales are farmers who are also actively involved with farming groups, so we also look forward to being posted from Glen. Phil & Carolyn operate 1500 acres of productive farms Nth Queensland, who want to see changes for the long-term benefit of Australia, our Climate, and our bio-diversity.


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