We are a farming network of property owners across Queensland who care about the future of Farming and Representation.

We are concerned that the diversity of our family farms will be compromised as the large corporatised Mono Culture type of farming dominates our markets and Policy Making.

As farmers, land managers and food suppliers, we are alarmed at the widescale land clearing and land management practices that have no place in modern farming Today.

We care about our farms and the environment. We see daily the devastating impacts of native vegetation clearing which reduces farm productivity, and destroys landscape stability, soil and water quality.

With soil loss and degradation at a record high, we cannot afford policies that encourage the removal of yet more native vegetation, and cause significant damage to Queensland farmers reputation as responsible and sustainable producers of food and fibre.

For too long, native vegetation clearing has been politicised. Farmers and landholders deserve a long-term solution to how native vegetation will be managed agreed by all sides of politics.

As modern farmers, land managers and food suppliers we call for a new regime for managing the land, one which safeguards soil and water and allows us to grow food and fibre without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. Farmers deserve support to manage their land for productivity and conservation gains.

Currently there is a Senate Enquiry into “Australia’s Fauna Extinction Crisis” - Have Your Say

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