The Media has an enormous responsibility to play, and it is no secret that the Media can sway public opinion and effect Government Policy.

Farmers Network, established on the Atherton Tablelands of Northern Queensland, is concerned about the Federal proposal to develop Northern Australia for the largest scale industrial agriculture up to the size of Victoria, that we have seen at a cost of $billions of dollars to the Tax Payer.

We believe that there is enough land already cleared on arable soils in Australia, and that large-scale clearing threatens our bio-diversity and other opportunities for future generations of Australians.

Self-regulation has failed.  Unfortunately, there may be a sense of entitlement to clear land once there is a sale of purchase, and Real Estate Agents have choices as to how they promote Rural land as it is, or how the land use could be changed.   

The Environmental effects of large-scale land clearing is affecting the future of farming, as large scale corporate industrial farming is dominating our industries and pricing that we get at the farm gate.

We are now experiencing “Australia’s Wildlife Extinction Crisis”, which is now before the Senate.   Northern Australia is remote, which means, sight unseen.  The question is, why would we as a nation even consider such a widespread clearing of native forests in the process of destroying a balanced and stable eco-system that has developed over millions of years.

I am reminded of the old Adage – Trees are so important to humanity and wildlife, and that the future of farming must instead work in with nature, incentives created for planting and protecting riparian wildlife corridors on our farms.  And to remind ourselves that this is not just about a few greedy powerful vested interests, but should be Australia’s best interests and vision for all Australians.


Due to the size that will be affected - (an area nearly the size of Victoria 237,629 km2)

And the cost to the Tax Payer, we need to ask if this is in the best interests of Australia, or does it suit just a few corporate vested interests who just sees our last remaining wilderness as a commodity to be exploited.

We are now inviting Australian’s to have their say.