FARMERS NETWORK are advocating that long term progressive thinking is required to support existing farmers to improve their soil types and bio-diversity.

The $billions of dollars that is proposed for the infrastructure that supports the destruction of our North Australian wild places for the commodity markets and 'Adani' would be better spent on supporting Australians and jobs which Care for Our Country.

  • If Government is going to address the URGENT Australian Fauna Extinction Crisis, then riparian wildlife corridors are now required which will also support our water quality, oceans and climate.
  • Support existing Farmers to improve their farming systems and bio-diversity.
  • It is very important that Australians reconnect to the land and environment if we are going to protect our farming future, by adopting the knowledge that's already available.
  • Existing Farmers need assistance to improve their production and crop diversity on existing cleared areas to help overcome droughts, (dust storms), and soil damage.
  • Farmers want their children to take over their farms that are profitable. The adoption of best farming practices which include many types of highly productive rejuvenative systems will require the creation of NEW JOBS. This may also include work for the Dole supports throughout regional Australia.
  • The creation of jobs in caring for our Country in conjunction with Land-Care organizations will have an enormous flow on effect to our regional towns and small businesses.

Clearing Native Vegetation is not appropriate. We are now experiencing an Australian fauna extinction crisis, droughts and dust storms. We are seeking politicians who support long term vision solutions to our Country before irreversible damage is done. HAVE YOUR SAY:

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