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We two choices:

CHOICE 1 -  Regenerative Farming for Australia’s solutions - to combat climate change, land degradation, dust storms, desertification, while delivering nutrient dense, health giving foods. 

Assist Farmers to repair their Water Cycle, Soil mineral cycle, Dynamic Ecosystems, (focusing on maximum biodiversity and health of integrated ecosystems at all levels) so that Farmers can also take advantage of Carbon Credits.  



CHOICE 2 -  The alternative for Australia will just be for chemically driven industrial agriculture with the global profit-obsessed corporations driving it. 

This also includes about $40billion Australian Tax Dollars to ‘develop Northern Australia’ for industrial agriculture, to affect (or clear) the size of Victoria, and dam Australia’s Wild rivers.

Membership Form in PDF format can also be downloaded by clicking this link. Word format can be downloaded by clicking this link.

As farmers, we are concerned that there is a lack of knowledge of Australian Vegetation and Soils by Politicians and Decision Makers.

Farmers Network are concerned that the wide-scale clearing has no place in modern farming.

Good practice farming productivity to protect our soil, landscape and water quality is important to us.

We support efforts to reform Queensland’s current management laws.

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