• To Unite Farmers to Regenerate Australian Landscapes for Australia’s Future
    • Farmers be supported to repair their water cycle, soil cycle, and bio-diversity, to restore eco-systems at maximum levels for Australia’s Future
    • To work in with Organizations who are already advocates for:
      • Regenerative Farming
      • Soil, (Soils for Life)
      • Land-care groups, including Northern Gulf
      • Carbon Offsets for Farmers
      • Rivers and our Creeks
      • Farming Organizations who advocate the need for long term solutions to drought, dust storms, and desertification
      • Mandated School Garden Programs
      • Better Education of Farmers and Agriculture Scientists
      • Work for the Dole Programs to restore their connection to the Land and Nature
    • National Education Awareness of Regenerative Agriculture


Regenerative Agriculture profound solutionsLife in Syntropy – YouTube

Regenerative Agriculture can combat climate change, land degradation, dust storms, desertification, while delivering nutrient dense, health giving foods.

A healthy environment contributes to the water cycle function, which affects the long-term productivity of our farmed landscapes.  

Reconnecting children with mother nature

Large Scale native land clearing of millions of acres in Queensland, News South Wales & Victoria, has had a devastating effect on our Water Cycle.  Clearing land for industrialised farming, including growing fodder for cattle, is damaging to our farming landscape.   We depend on dynamic ecosystems focused on maximum biodiversity and health of integrated ecosystems at all levels.  Our future farming to grow nourishing food for Australia will be lost if Australia continues to choose- industrial agriculture to represent the overall farming sector, which is largely driven by global profit-obsessed corporations.   Even though we grow nourishing food for Australia, we are currently unrepresented.

Garden Projects in schools is essential if our next generations need to take over our highly productive farms for Australia to continue to produce nutrient rich food.

  • The fifth landscape Function main focus is on human agency triggering landscape regeneration by working in harmony with natural systems.

Founding Member, Jane, trainer of syntropic farming techniques in the Atherton Tablelands is inspiring many farmers in the region and other parts of Australia. They are living proof, that syntropic farming systems can be adopted for large scale projects or smaller agricultural properties. Her production of edible foods has increased 10-fold, with an impressive worm-count and birdlife to boast.   


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