Beneath the soil is the life

As farmers, we are concerned that there is a lack of knowledge of Australian vegetation Ecology and Australia’s unique bio-diversity by Government and decision makers.

Farmers Network are concerned that the wide-scale clearing has no place in modern farming.  Good practice farming to protect our soil, landscape and water quality is important to us, while still maintaining high productivity. We support efforts to reform Queensland’s current management laws and urge the Queensland Parliament to commit to provide a significant increase in funds available for stewardship and private land conservation.

Trees bring the rain, provide shade and create soils, they slow down runoff thereby reducing erosion, and keep the moisture in the soil enabling grass growth. They provide nesting and roosting opportunities for insect pollinators and birds that eat insect pests.  More important, this balanced vegetation cover on marginal country uniquely protects the all- important bio-diversity of the microbes just under the surface. These microbes are the real workers providing fertility for all above ground growth.

As we are growing a network of support, the membership for the Farmers’ Network is free. The management will cover costs of administration for this worthwhile non-for-profit organisation to ensure a sustainable and profitable farming future.